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2011 jp twinser quad

Created by Al McLeod > 9 months ago, 10 Dec 2010
Al McLeod
VIC, 633 posts
10 Dec 2010 3:06PM
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i don't want to make another sponsored rider pimps sponsors thread... so i'm going to be objective about everything i've noticed in this years board so far.

you could just go and look at this
the results speak for themselves or you can read on...

to be honest i still havent had an epic day where i've felt i can really test out the potential of the board, most of the sailing has been in cross to cross on conditions with a couple of dtl sessions in small (less than head high) waves. i've had one session in waves up to logo high but there was barely any wind and a lot of surfers clogging the lineup. (damn surfers)

last year i was mostly on twins and had problems with the board actually being too loose in aggressive turns or on big waves. you'd think having fours fins would fix this problem. well it does.
i would actually go as far as saying that the boards are over finned for down the line sailing, especially in small waves. i havent tried it as a twin yet but have been very tempted to. when you drive the board off the bottom you come out with much more acceleration than last years models. in my first session on the board i found i was shooting out the back of the wave a lot because i was not used to this kind of speed. it is important to initiate the top turn really early to compensate for this in small waves, which took some adjusting to.
pretty much everyone who has ridden the board felt that the performance was improved by using smaller fins and i would highly recommend experimenting with this.

ive only had a taste of this boards potential in bigger waves but it was promising. because the quads have so much drive coming off the fins in the bottom turn you need to approach it differently. on a twin i would aim to get as much speed before initiating the turn, then getting forward and carve hard off the rail. this is the same for the quads except you have all this extra speed begging you to drive the board tighter and really vertical up the face. the quads seem to have a lot more potential to reach the lip from new angles with more speed than you thought possible. again this is something i'm going to have to spend more time on the board in good conditions to get dialled in.

in cross on conditions the board exceeds my expectations by far. the drawn out outline in the tail, large amounts of rocker and super wide stance (which is really awesome for the record) suggests that this board might only work in down the line, solid wave conditions. this is not the case. for backside riding the four fins provide much more drive over the twins (which were definitely not ideal for backside) really letting you crank the board back up the wave face in security before getting forward and snapping off the top. when going down the line in cross on, all the extra speed helps getting up to the lip in the clew first position. however this speed does make the board a bit more technical to sail as you need to set your line correctly - there isnt much time for adjustment.

in terms of general sailing the conditions the board is good. it planes pretty well and goes upwind pretty well - although not as good as last years quad which was actually kind of ridiculous how well it went upwind! the wide stance is a massive step forward making the board easier to control in chop, in the air and most importantly when you are cranking a turn.

overall i would say that this years board is a big step forward for wave riding performance (onshore or dtl) but it is primarily aimed at those who are lucky enough to regularly get out in good conditions. if you only get out in the waves every once in a while but still want excellent straight line performance look at the jp single thruster. if you are serious about finding a board to push your waveriding then make sure the twinser quad is up the top of the list.

NSW, 1542 posts
11 Dec 2010 12:40PM
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Really good review mate. I know exactly what you're talking about when you say you blow out the back of the wave because of that extra drive/speed you have off the bottom turn. Having just switched to a quad myself after a single it became very apparent early on, the timing is quite different for sure.

NSW, 97 posts
19 Dec 2010 8:45AM
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I went from an older JP 84 RWW to the 2011 74twinser quad. The board is very stable and floaty compared to the 84RWW. i have only had about 3 sails on it but it is a great board to ride. Well worth the money.

VIC, 130 posts
20 Dec 2010 12:51AM
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good objective review and interesting comments guy's.

have some questions for you all.

did you go up in board size when going to the quad from your single fin?

i have a jp 74 single fin and an Evo 80, would you go to the 74 or 82 quad?

interested in your views

Cheers KJ

WA, 1297 posts
19 Dec 2010 9:58PM
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last year everyone who went up a board size had much better success!
I loved last years 82 sooooo much, but the 92 was frickin amazing too!
I've now got last years 68 (haven't had the conditions to use it yet )
i so which i had the new 82.


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