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2014 Goya Quad 84

Created by windrider69 > 9 months ago, 22 Nov 2013
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22 Nov 2013 10:13PM
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This is my first year on Goya boards as i have been on Quatro up until now.I can highly recommend the Goya 84 quad as a one board dose all.Its mabey not as radical or as the quatro boards when you want to crank out a top or bottom turn but that being said it makes up for it in every thing else.The board has more of a free playful feel. it is light and fast, planes super quick is very controlled in high winds(40knots).Its a jumping machine if you want to get big air and more importantly lands super soft (mabey due to the slight v in the tail) also very compact and honks upwind .It has a great surfy feel turns super tight ,feels a little softer than the Quatros but once the rail is set you can go nuts and trough lots of spray.The fins,and straps are top notch.

The only negative thing i can say is it took me a couple of weeks to get use to the short lenght and sort out my stance so i didnt go over the bars.

If you a thinking of buying a quad this year this could be a serious contender.


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