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2018 NP combat with severne redline?

Created by bowsa 3 months ago, 7 Nov 2018
QLD, 531 posts
7 Nov 2018 11:44AM
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Would a severne redline 100% RDM work with a 2018 NP combat?

or would the bend curve etc be all off?

WA, 314 posts
7 Nov 2018 11:12AM
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From the sail/mast matrix I've seen, Severne and NP are not classed as compatible.

214 posts
7 Nov 2018 11:37AM
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I've used a constant curve mast in an Atlas and it felt noticeably different compared to a flex top mast. With the CC mast the sail felt jerky and heavy. I couldn't find a sweet spot playing around with down haul and out haul.

Apparently going the other way isn't as bad (flex top mast in a hard top sail). On a surf trip a buddy had to use a NP mast in his Severne Blade. He said he could feel the difference but it wasn't terrible.

QLD, 531 posts
7 Nov 2018 2:30PM
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cheers - used to have a set of 2010 combats, run on Gaastra mast and they were sick

WA, 1486 posts
7 Nov 2018 4:41PM
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I've used a severne gorilla in a pryde alpha before, functioned fine. From memory Its race gear that will be completely dysfunctional with the the wrong mast.

I guess its down to why youre looking to combine the two. If its because one of them is selling at bargain basement price, it might be worth a shot. If whatever youre buying is top dollar then probably not worth the tryout.

joe windsurf
1434 posts
7 Nov 2018 8:41PM
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fortunately most sail makers are going to CC
in the past Severne and NP were at the opposite ends of the scal
hardtop and flextop
if a sail is cambered, you better have the correct mast
if it is not cambered and you are not racing, one can rig "to make it work"
but once you put the proper mast on the sail rather than making do -
you WILL notice the difference
NEVER downhaul so much that the sail is "twitchy"
all depends on you and what you want
if you are buying - rig it, step on mast foot, uphaul it , flip it, etc


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