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2018 simmer apex 6.2m

Created by Gestalt A week ago, 7 Feb 2019
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7 Feb 2019 8:13PM
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Had my second session today on a 2018 apex with my 120lt voodoo and 32cm black projects freewave fin. The apex replaced ka kults that i had previously.

The wind was light. About 8-10 knots. At 100kg that's sub planing wind for me with the board submerged up to my shins during tacks. But that was the point of today. For a long time i've watched the pros float around in the surf catching waves at will. It's been in the too hard basket for me so my goal for this year is to learn how to do it. To do that i need to learn how to uphaul a sinker and get much better at light wind tacks. i'm hoping if i can master this skill ill get to surf better cleaner waves and still get back to shore.

With the light wind today i still gave the sail a good amount of downhaul. Enough so the leach was loosish down to the first batten above the boom. The apex is powerful and it seems to like some downhaul. Half way through the session i let off a couple of cm which made the sail feel heavy so i added the downhaul back after a few runs.

What has surprised me with the apex is even though it has plenty of power it still feels light in my hands. It was fun and easy to sail in sub planning conditions. i could tack, did a few heli tacks, light wind gybes and to my surprise i uphauled a few times and managed a light wind water start.
the apex appears to be a bit of a game changer for me in the lighter winds. i could do transitions i struggled with on my previous setup because the apex has a balance and lightness that translates really well though your hands.

after an hour the wind came in a little stronger reaching around 15 knots.
so now i'm planning. on a 6.2m... hehe.... i know my mates would of planed in that wind too but they are all flyweights or on 8+ sails. after a few runs i lifted the boom an inch so it was in the neutral position and felt that improved board trim a lot. the nose lifted and allowed me to get on the plane faster. I need more time in 15+ knots to figure out the sail. once up to speed i started to notice some backhand pressure but acceleration of the wind was smooth. i didn't get to push things upwind and really need some time tweaking the outhaul to adjust the back hand pressure.

pretty happy though. kinda feel like this sail has improved my fun factor and lowered my planing threshold.


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