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5.3 blade (2019)

Created by bowsa 28 days ago, 21 Oct 2019
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21 Oct 2019 6:20AM
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First proper run on 5.3 blade. 28/30 knot cross on

New to me, runout sale from board crazy 2019 stock. Good price from simon cheers mate

anyway first run after sailing 5.2 s1 pros for the last four years and wanted to share my thoughts. First impressions are it feels heavier (obviously) 5 batten and built like a brick sh it house so you'd expect that.
second impression was that it's so fast! Locking in and fanging along it flew!
also, the draft is so much more forward (than up with s1) I had never really noticed this that much but did today especially after landing a forward I got flung forward and over the front haha
whereas with s1 I got kind of pulled out of the water upwards after landing a forward or backie. That wasn't a bad thing with the blade just needs getting used to

was super controllable in 30 knots, should have been on a 4.5 but 5.3 handled it so well! I'm 92kg and was on 99 quad

cant wait to have it out in some down the line


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