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AERON 2017

Created by WindsurfSystems > 9 months ago, 6 Nov 2016
6 Nov 2016 1:03PM
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Aeron has released their 2017 range of booms and mast extensions.

The new "CAMO" camouflage grip coats the boom range which provides slight weight improvements across the range, modifications to the boom head on the Carbon slalom/race series and a new size replacement in mast extensions from 30cm to 36cm.

<div>A new addition of 170-220 in the Carbon Slalom/Race series could signal the end of two booms required per quiver.

V-Grip Alloy

MCT-26 very popular alloy wave boom.

MCT29 175-225 in new shape with adjustable tail pulleys.

Carbon Wave 24.5mm 140-190 (size starts at 136cm)

OS Slalom 180-230 in black alloy.

V-Carbon range still to come...

Tricky Dicky
NSW, 49 posts
10 Nov 2016 5:37AM
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I've recently purchased an Aeron Hybrid boom, i.e. V grip and carbon tail. This is the second Aeron I've used, the first being the older alloy only version which i borrowed. I replace my booms at approx 18 month intervals; I think they take a hiding and really don't like it when they fatigue and fail when out the back.

I reviewed the earlier Aeron boom, the new one is great. I'm using it as a direct replacement for my X6 (which was great as well, except for the weak as boom clamp) and i use it on my sails from 5.5 thru to 7.5. I'll have to double check the boom size but, without going to the shed (and its raining outside), i think its 170 -220.

FWIW, the main points I like with the Aeron Hybrid: clear absolute boom markings, FANTASTIC articulated boom head, snazzy boom tail complete with all pulleys for adjustable outhaul and lastly, price point.
I love the boom head, as I did with the borrowed one, because of its very well built nature and intrinsic strength, i.e.triple hinge point. It looks the same as one of the picks above.

As for the main selling point, the V Grip, well, I'm used to it now, but it did create a new line of callouses. However it now feels very comfortable. With respect to stiffness and strength, I'm not qualified to say, in comparison to other current booms, except to say it feels good. As for the tail, the carbon finish looks very trendy but the captive pulleys are the go when rigging an adjustable outhaul. The Sailworks NX 6.2 and 7.2 I have are made to use with adjustable outhaul, so it integrates well. I'm one of those folk that can't bring myself to spend on a full carbon boom again (having the belief and experience that they break just the same as any other boom).

Overall? Very happy with this boom. In conjunction with my new NX I cracked a new Alpha PB on the second outing.....

VIC, 105 posts
10 Nov 2016 11:42PM
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I'm using the new Aeron carbon pre preg boom with the new camo grip. [same as shown in first two photos]

It feels lighter & better balanced than my severne enigma, but they are not exact comparisons. The Enigma is 210-260, vs 200-250
The Aeron feels way less tail heavy and is not as deep.
I rig a Sailworks

NX 9.5 on it, and it doesn't touch, so deep enough.

The clamp is very good and on the right side for my rig too!

Finish is suberb, pulleys all work a treat.


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