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C3 Slingshot

Created by Haggar > 9 months ago, 30 Sep 2010
QLD, 1596 posts
30 Sep 2010 9:22AM
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Interested on feedback on the C3 Slingshot fins for all round speed sailing and how these compare to the low end fins such as Select Caspers or the other high end speed fins on the market, thanks

TAS, 1919 posts
30 Sep 2010 9:30AM
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they are the weirdest shape ive seen for a speed fin.

QLD, 3400 posts
30 Sep 2010 11:22AM
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Its on my wishlist

350 posts
22 Nov 2010 10:07PM
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any pictures of slingshot ?

QLD, 12080 posts
23 Nov 2010 12:19AM
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that's a familiar looking shape vando

WA, 4001 posts
25 Nov 2010 9:25PM
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Used 23cm Slingshot today, Board was Nude Streaker 54, and sail TR-6 6.6m. Have to say I was impressed with the slingshot, for such a small fin it hinks up wind, handles chop, and definitely fast, impressed.

278 posts
4 Dec 2010 1:11AM
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wkcwarrior said...

any pictures of slingshot ?

Here's a pic of my SS21cm, to much snow around, so have not tried it as yet. Will also get the SS25cm when its out in January.

NSW, 1994 posts
9 Dec 2010 8:37AM
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used the 21 in very choppy 30+ n/east today, the fin let go a couple of time when using a 5.0 koncept in about 20 to 25 knts, rigged the rs4.6 when the wind kicked in too 30+ i was surprised how well the fin held up after some very ordinary landings, at times it felt there was to much fin but it could have been the drive in the sail,
i would have liked to try the 19 but may have been a bit short for the heavy chop,the combo was a perfect, some gusts would have been 35 and at no time did i feel out of control, the sail felt rock solid and as light as
for the whole session I'm thinking how much wind does this gear need


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