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Chinook Pro 1 160 - 226 Carbon Boom

Created by John340 > 9 months ago, 16 Nov 2016
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16 Nov 2016 9:56AM
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After bending my alloy Naish 160 - 210 boom recently at Sandy Point, I needed a replacement. Andy from currently has the Pro 1 on sale. I did a good deal on the boom complete with Chinook adjustable outhaul kit, delivered from Andy's base in Hervey Bay to my home in Brisbane. I tried the boom yesterday in 15 to 18 kt SE at Wellington Point rigged with my KA Race 7.1. My first impressions of the boom follow. Even with the extension set at 202cm, it felt a good compromise between lightness and stiffness.The Naish boom was too flexible to use with the 7.1 sail at that extension. I always used my Maui 190 - 240 carbon boom with this sail. The Pro 1 is 1kg lighter than the Maui. The Maui boom is solid as a brick ****house but the difference in swing weight is marked with very little difference in stiffness. The grip feels good and appears to be resilient. The head is a bit fiddly to install compared to the Maui and Naish, but is solid and did not slip during the 45 km session. The double locking clip pins are all plastic, they fit positively and snugly. Time will tell on how robust they are (any feedback on this would be appreciated). The outhaul pulleys combined with the adjustable outhaul and apple core clew attachment works very well. I'm happy with my new purchase and look forward to testing it further.

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16 Nov 2016 12:46PM
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I also bought a Chinook Pro 1 160-226 carbon boom from Andy at at well under what others are selling them for. It's a great boom that I've had for over a year now. So far no issues with grip and I really like the boom head on it. Having come from the alloy version, I was used to the mechanism and like the snug, solid fit to the mast. They're really light booms and super stiff. I use mine with an 8m race sail, nearly full extended at 222 and still find it nice and stiff. The thing I like most about the Chinook boom is that it covers the full range of race sails I own, so I only need one boom. Highly rate the Chinook Pro 1, and Andy is the man if you're looking for the best price (I think he's just taken stock of a new shipment!).

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16 Nov 2016 2:08PM
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The Maui 190-240 carbon boom is freaky stiff - like no other - but is also freaky heavy.

When I've used the Maui 190-240 it changes the feel completely of the sail.

Jesper uses a Aeron 200-250 boom on his 7.1m - it feels like a heavy,super stiff bar just like the Maui 190-240.

Would have to give up the sport were I to use that. Forearms were killing me after a few minutes use.

Gybing heavy booms is harder!


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