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Chinook RDG Carbon Boom 135-185

Created by bigdaz 7 months ago, 7 Sep 2018
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7 Sep 2018 9:53AM
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So I picked up this boom over winter and finally got to get it on the water yesterday, and I am very pleased with the purchase.

Weight is nice and light - mine came in at 1.98kg which was slightly under quoted weight of 2.05kg. The articulating front end is nice and firm and simple/easy to use and the RDM attachment locks in super tight. I really like the new loop and go block at the back as it has a double cleat that cleats off the excess rope (ticks my OCD box). All in all its a top quality, tidy package.

On the water it is rock solid and gives excellent feedback from the rig, the thin grip is amazing and is so comfortable, allowing less fatigue and more control. I've always believed that a good stiff boom is such an important component in a rig and the new thin grip ones that are available today have really taken the level up a notch. I highly recommend looking into one if you havn't already.

Here is a link to the Chinook website with all of the deets if your keen for more info:

Happy sailing


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