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Exocet Wave 3X 96L - feedback wanted

Created by AJEaster > 9 months ago, 29 May 2011
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29 May 2011 10:02PM
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Sorry to have another post requesting feedback, there arent' any reviews on the site about the Exocet 3X (in any size) which looks like such a good design for the heavier blokes, particularly the 96 litre version because -

-Nice wide nose
-240cm long and wait for it, 65cm of max width, and because the nose is wide, the board is quite wide all over.
-Tri Fin (not Thruster), where all three fins are the same size (14.5 from memory)
-Comes with a larger single fin with covers for the flatter / blasting days
-Pretty light at around 6.7kg

Anyone demoed one of these or own one care to let me know how she goes? Boardseeker tested the 82L model in 2010, but proportion wise, the 96L is way wider for the extra volume - love to hear from someone.

I am 90kg, and due to the width on this, would prob use the 96L it as my light winder to get out over the whitewater when the waves are good but the wind is light or gusty on the inside. Would then have my 85L Quad when all is fired up!

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29 May 2011 10:41PM
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I did have the 82L for a while and it is an awesome board, very fast down the line and able the slide the top turn if wanted, the three fins allow to "re-hook" the board under you pretty easily,
Now the shape is pretty similar than the 96L one so the reaction must be quiet identical. It should be great with a powerful sail with lots of back end in it.


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