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Fanatic Freewave 116 vs. Goya One 115

Created by GarageSale > 9 months ago, 26 May 2016
SA, 12 posts
26 May 2016 3:22AM
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has anyone tried both of these ? How do they compare ?

Fanatic Freewave 116 -|productDetailsTabs2

Goya One 115 -


QLD, 2225 posts
28 May 2016 8:45AM
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cant really compare but I have the 106 freewave, love this board.

I used this to replace old 113 66 wide freewave & dont notice much bottom end difference at all. The volume under track make it easy when slogging & the narrower tail gives them huge range. I imagine the new 116 would be very similar.

All the freewaves I've had gybe & jump awesome, just a good all rounder. Sure there are more specialised shape if you prefer it to have bit more freestyle or wave bias, everything a compromise.

If you want for waves you might want to step down to 106 team edition as has thruster setup.


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