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Fixnzip Zipper repair

Created by Jetlag 1 month ago, 4 Jun 2020
NSW, 119 posts
4 Jun 2020 4:09PM
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Just wondering if anybody has experience with zipper slide replacements such as these.
I have lots of cam pocket zippers and sail bag zippers where the zipper coil itself is plastic and in great condition, however, the sliders are painted metal and corroding badly after 1 year. Cheers Det

VIC, 139 posts
5 Jun 2020 3:08PM
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that looks great, I must try

353 posts
5 Jun 2020 4:58PM
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I bought a pack of zipnfix off amazon to fix a Pat Love board bag. it had three different sizes in the pack. I couldn't get any of them to work. I ended up giving them to my mate to see if he could use them on an old NP quiver bag. He got one to work, but it keep't coming off, he also ended up buying a new quiver bag

Mark _australia
WA, 19839 posts
6 Jun 2020 8:23PM
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Go to a canvasworks or upholsterer, they have sliders for everything. $3.50 fixed my bag.

QLD, 1778 posts
7 Jun 2020 7:50AM
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If your zipper is stuck. Before you rip on it, n break it liberally douse with vinegar. Itll usually free up. Rinse with water add silicone spray. Happy days.


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