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Goya Guru 2015/16

Created by rexi > 9 months ago, 5 Oct 2015
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5 Oct 2015 10:20PM
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Im looking into sails and Goya is one of the brands. I´m up in Iceland and my gear can get a beating when i mess up when wavesailing since i mostly sail rocky reefs and sometimes the gear gets washed up on the rocks. on top of that there is no windsurf store here or proper repair shop to replace monofim or other panels so i´m looking for something that isn´t to fragile

Because of that i was thinking about the Guru 4.2, 4.7 5.3 since it has no monofilm and is strong. But i don´t want to compromise too much on handling if it means it´s not as light in the hands as the for example the Banzai. Another factor for the biggest sail is that i would like it to have decent power since i´m sometimes sailing that size in marginal winds and freestyle sessions in winds where it just gets up up planing to try some basic sliding stuff.

Anyone here who is a Guru sailor and would like to give there opinion on it´s power and handling?


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