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Goya One 105

Created by uweh > 9 months ago, 29 Sep 2014
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29 Sep 2014 8:39PM
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any reviews about the 105 goya one trifin available ?

thanks in advance


K Dog
VIC, 1847 posts
30 Sep 2014 8:17PM
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Be interested to hear too. They are quite wide, and short, reviews have them plowing into waves or chop when you first get on it.... They also seem more wave orientated, with a double concave to vee.... softening the chop experience, while they still say that it gets going okay due to its phat arse.... "comparatively"....

I guess it depends on what you want, if you think you'd be into waves more, and need some float, probably quite a good idea, but mostly bay sailing, think a flatter bottom compared to this might be preferable?


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