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Hero or zero?

Created by mark62 1 month ago, 19 Apr 2019
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19 Apr 2019 7:34AM
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new proto foil thingy for shallow water. Designed by Lessacher so might be decent.

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19 Apr 2019 11:04AM
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Can you please point us to the site you got this from. I think it's a great concept for light wind sailing.

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19 Apr 2019 4:02PM
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Did it work well? Anyways it looks nice

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19 Apr 2019 10:29PM
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Looks nice but having so much material cut away from the back of the base of the fin is ... interesting. I remember that one of my criticisms of fins with wings was that the lift generated was too far back, pushing the nose down. The extension solves it. I do wonder how much it ventilates, though, especially in washboard chop.

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22 Apr 2019 6:08PM
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Dunno what broke, but from what I heared it snapped on one of the very first reaches.

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24 Apr 2019 8:03PM
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I love all these ideas ( and tried a few of my own ) , to get the ultimate early planing machine .
Still chasing to get planing as early as possible . So far it's a old RB with the CB removed and slot taped over . But it's a strange planing and lacks excitement.
My theory is , in non planing Conditions you can't beat long and thin .
For early planing I also think long and mid width , not short and wide.
Unless proper foiling , i dont think wings and fin concepts will be the best thing , they may help a little.
I would guess that a no rocker square edged , stretched out Fanatic Blast shape would work good with its parallel top view . It won't like chop or turning , but hey , you can't have everything. It's not like foiling is an easy option , ( although I'm just starting on this idea ) , or raceboards turn anyway. Formula doesn't work for this fat cat.
Its going to be my next project . Could end up with an expensive slug

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24 Apr 2019 9:14PM
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I found it on Apparently it snapped on the first run, too much pressure in the long horizontal tube. I'm not sure if it designed with early planing in mind, I think it was supposed to be a foil alternative for shallow water locations. Looked interesting but can't see it going into production:)


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