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ION palm less mittens/gloves.

Created by ka43 > 9 months ago, 5 Jul 2016
NSW, 2824 posts
5 Jul 2016 5:25PM
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Never been one to wear gloves or booties but getting older my hands are bloody freezing in winter. So I tried a pair of the above and was very pleasantly surprised.
Still feel the boom like normal.
Low arm pump.
Keeps the wind chill off fingers.
Definitely stops the cold water/wind burn.
Super easy to pull off the finger part to adjust stuff.
Kinda weird to get used to (for me).
Another thing to remember in winter.

So for those of you that really feel the cold give some palm less mittens a go, they really help.

TAS, 2454 posts
5 Jul 2016 9:11PM
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For those who can't get them....
We use them down here in Tassie and they are great.
I have a few spare pairs if none of the mainland shops stock them.

VIC, 316 posts
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17 Jul 2016 10:34PM
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Neilpryde have been making these for years. We've got heaps in SHQ - they are awesome for winter windsurfing - no forearm cramp but no cold fingers, best of both worlds!

NSW, 2824 posts
18 Jul 2016 6:08PM
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Available from Windsurfnsnow in Sydney.


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