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It's been a while... Bic is back

Created by BEACHSTART 6 months ago, 25 Oct 2018
NSW, 69 posts
25 Oct 2018 8:36PM
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WA, 1561 posts
25 Oct 2018 7:06PM
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That mast is very central in the fuselage, how normal is that, I thought it was biased to the front nearer the main wing.

What does it mean? How would it ride?

I dont foil so no biggie for me, but still interesting

WA, 321 posts
26 Oct 2018 12:26PM
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Should give a fair bit of lift being further forward, obviously the overall lift depends on the profile of the wings too. :)


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"It's been a while... Bic is back" started by BEACHSTART