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JP Australia 2011

Created by windsurfing4 > 9 months ago, 29 Apr 2010
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17 Sep 2010 8:14PM
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windsurfing4 said...

Antoine Albeau and Micah Buzianis in action with the JP Australia Super Light Wind 90 V154 Pro et Gold Editions :

Pics Thorsten Indra /

Had 2 session on the SLW, it's everything they say and a little bit more

It's not a formula board, It's not a slalom board, It's not a freeride board.
It's something else (besides huge)

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30 Sep 2010 1:27PM
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I have Just purchased a 154 Lightwind and have to say I am overwhelmed at how good it performs. It handles like a slalom board but performs upwind and down wind like a formula board. You can jibe it and use it all day without getting foot cramps like a formula board. I was planning with a 7.8m in 9 knots and was still comfortable when my wind guage read 19 knots still with the 7.8m up. I give it a big recommendation to those who like to sail when the rest of the guys are sitting on the beach waiting for the wind to arrive. I plane before the kiters.


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