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JP RTQ 94 2017

Created by sinker 3 months ago, 4 Nov 2018
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4 Nov 2018 2:45PM
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So I thought I should share my thoughts about the JP RTQ 94 - I got mine in January 2018 as a replacement for my beloved 92L F2 Quad which I'd been using as a one board quiver for the previous 2 years.

I was told the RTQ was a full-on dedicated DTL waveboard but I decided I was up to the challenge of using it as my one board quiver!

First impressions on local Perth waters - I found the RTQ reasonably straightforward to use, the volume seemed relatively central and planing a bit sluggish but otherwise nothing to worry about. However after a trip to Gnaraloo in January in which we had mostly light wind, I started to worry about the usability of the board as I was having problems planing and upwind.

I later spoke to 2 other Perth sailors who said they had exactly the same experience - namely that the board felt like it was beyond their skill level and fitness to use.

I got in contact with Andreas Pichler from JP in Europe, he helped with some excellent set-up advice, explanation and encouragement, but it took until a week into our Exmouth trip this season before I hit the sweet spot and really started to get the feel of this amazing board!

I ended up using the quad set up with the 16cm main fins from my old F2, footstraps in the 'second from the front' holes, and finally the mast base set slightly further forward than my usual 'neutral' central position.

The board now takes off well grips and gets upwind as well as any other wave board I have sailed, but the standout for the RTQ is on the wave face, it is 100% confidence inspiring on the bottom turn, gripping deeply despite the volume and top turns can be as tight or smooth as you want them to be. I read in a mag description that it seems to turn by ESP which is actually quite a good description :)

All in all I'd say its a superb waveboard for average to strong winds in side and side-off waveriding, definitely worth persevering with - it is quite challenging for 'average' sailors to use but once you've got it working the rewards make it all worthwhile.

As a postscript - I did end up buying a light wind wave board this season, but I've got the feeling I may go back to a single board quiver as I widen the RTQ's range.


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