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Kinetic Euphoria 85

Created by mr love > 9 months ago, 3 Dec 2006
mr love
VIC, 1714 posts
3 Dec 2006 11:06AM
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I got a Euphoria off Marty Littlewood at Delta a few weeks ago . Yesterday was the first chance to really put it through it,s paces .
Well , the only way to describe it is FUN !!! It,s super easy to sail , well composed even in pretty harsh chop , but it,s when you get it on to a wave that it really springs to life . It,s so smooth and fluid , a natural turner , and the super fine tail and tri - fin setup gives it so much bite , and a real squirt of speed out of the turn .
I am a pretty average wave sailor , but this thing gave me so much confidence . Loved it !!!
If you can get your hands on one , I would definitely take it for a spin before buying you next wave board . Anyone in Melbourne is more than welcome to try mine if you see me at the beach .
Well done Marty for a great design .

VIC, 17 posts
7 Dec 2006 10:51PM
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Agree! Had my Euphoria 77 for 12 months; early planing and so loose / easy on a wave, great to jump. Marty was fantastic to buy through, great value c.f. what else is on the market. Top board!!


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