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Kona1 vs Bic Core 293

Created by Francone > 9 months ago, 25 Oct 2014
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25 Oct 2014 9:39AM
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I am at an intermediate level and I still sail on a BIC Core 293 board because of its stability and the retractable dagger board, which allows me to better tackle the upwind and the prevailing sub-planing conditions.. Actually I came back to this type of " beginners" boards out of dissatisfaction with the true shortboards ( I sold a Taboo Rocket after using it for one season)

I was recently reading some dithyrambs about the Kona 1( how wonderful it is etc, etc) and I was wondering what should I expect from it in terms of performance as compared to my Bic 293. I am not into racing and speed and I am not a performance buff. Just leisurely sailing in moderate winds, with the occasional planing break, whenever possible.

1.Does the Kona 1 have a V-shaped displacement type of hull , like the original longboards or a flat bottom like the regular shortboards?

2. Would a displacement type of hull be more wind-effective than a flat bottom hull , i.e. require less wind-power (=smaller sails) in sub-planing conditions?.

3.How about its planing capability?

Thank you


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25 Oct 2014 1:31PM
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I'll have a go. :-). Beginner / intermediate. Search my posts over in Qld section

this is also usefull.... Discusses the Wow factor

I've had a kona1 for a while, it saved my windsurfing career after dissatisfaction with trying to get short boards planing etc.

loved the board :-). However it has taken a backseat to my fascination and pure all round enjoyment that old and modern raceboards give me in the predominant wind conditions 5-12knts lake sailing

i have a F2 lightening and a starboard phantom 377. hopping off the kona and hopping onto a F2 in light winds and feeling the acceleration as the first puff of wind hit was probably the end of the kona for me. Plus I seem to handle the glide to plane (longboard)vs glide or plane of the kona better. Much easier for me planning on longboards but not as fast as short boards. Hence I still am working at getting short boards happening.

So probably I need ask what are you after that the 293 doesn't offer?

happy to chat - send a pm

cheers Jeff

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25 Oct 2014 4:03PM
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I think the Kona concept is great, but as an all round board it appears to have few major drawbacks in my opinion (not necessarily relative to your BIC).

These are:
1) no adjustable mast track
2) no railing straps

In my opinion the absence of these features to some degree negates the benefit of the longer length as far as all round and upwind performance is concerned.

I agree with jirvin that a longer "old style" raceboard would be a lot better for leisurely sailing in moderate winds. As far as railing straps and an adjustable mast track there are only a few choices, and not all of them are "long" (eg Starboard phantom 295, Bic Techno 293).


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25 Oct 2014 6:01PM
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I had a Kona 1 for about 5 years. I sailed it on light winds & flat water, riding small swell down at Point Danger Torquay and up to 25-30kts in chop in the Port Phillip bay.

The nose rocker and duck tail of the Kona One means that once its up on the plane it handles much like a large fun board. This makes planing carve gybes and handling high wind chop quite easy (much easier than a race board). The down side of this is the light wind performance (while much better than a wide-style learner board) is not as good a a race board and it really doesn't get on the plane very early.

I have not sailed the Bic but I would think the Bic would have better early planning. The Kona would be better in sub planning (although a race board would be much better) and the Kona could be used to ride swell (although this is risky as 16kg in the surf will easily break masts if not careful). I tried using the Kona One as a SUP and it possible but really only for light weights (or people with co-ordination!).

So like everything in windsurfing, its all about compromises. For me, if its all about light wind cruising / exploring probably a race board is the way to go, if you want to go in chop and swell as well then the Kona, if its mainly light wind planning then the Bic.

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25 Oct 2014 8:08PM
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I wasn't a fan of the kona 1. To me it feels too locked in and heavy through chop.

Windsurfer one design should be on your radar.

If you want a short board experience in a longer board the kona 10'5 is an absolute blast. No centreboard but it will go upwind because of the rail length and it planes on a small puff


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