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Loft Oxygen 6.8m very brief review

Created by Waiting4wind Two weeks ago, 1 Jan 2020
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1 Jan 2020 12:58PM
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I picked up this sail last season but didn't get a chance to use it due to time and health reasons.

i managed to get a few sessions on it over Xmas and very happy with the performance.

by way of background it replaced a loft racing blade. Given time restraints and laziness I got sick of rigging a high tension multi cammed race sail. But I still use one in my largest size, 8m.

no in depth review, just some quick impressions. The oxygen is a no cam free race sail. One of the attractions was that it works on a skinny mast ( as well as SDM) and was compatible with my no brand 100% carbon CC curve skinny.

the sail is quick and easy to rig, no winch required :) . I rigged down haul to spec and gave it a bit more outhaul, just looked like it needed it on my mast.

all I can say is that the sail just worked out of the bag. Easy to use, light in the hands and the stayed locked in. Not much trimming or adjusting needed to keep the power. One of the benefits of the skinny mast I find is that it softens the ride over chop, it's less direct but not in a bad way.the recent session was on a 74cm slalom board. Despite the sail looking flatter than I'm used to with cams, there was enough grunt to get the board popped on the plane easily in marginal winds.

the real surprise was that there was plenty of drive to keep the board locked down over chop (42cm slalom fin). I've tried another more recreational sail on this board and found it hard to keep it trimmed and driving off the fin in chop. So it makes for very easy and relaxed sailing.

the other nice aspect of the cam less sail is in the gybe. Easy to handle the flick. I wasn't critical of being flipped early or late like my cammed sail is.

I didn't find it lacking in speed either when pacing myself against other guys on full slalom gear.

the only glitch I had was that bottom batten would stay inverted without a jolt or a kick. I'm guessing that will be sorted with some tuning or when the sail stretches in. Could be also my generic mast.

so overall I would recommend the sail for other lazy buggers that don't want to fiddle with race sail rigging, i use it exclusively on slalom boards. Or if you need a good performing sail for your free ride or free race board, the sail delivers well.

fyi I also use Neil Pryde and HSM sails and happy with those products as well.


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