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Mistral syncro 94 2008

Created by JEZ > 9 months ago, 27 Sep 2007
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27 Sep 2007 11:44AM
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I have tested the new 08 syncro wave/ style in 94 ltrs that we have here as a demo board.
This board is the RD light weight version and is a whole new type of board for Mistral this year. For 94 ltrs it gets going very easily as soon as there is some power in the sail. The soft rails and bottom shape combine to give a lively but secure ride. The board allows hard tight turns and and an easy flowing carve around swells without any sharp edges on the rails to catch and trip.
There is a definate wave bias with ocean bump and jump to freestyle riding in mind with this board but it gives a fast riding feel also.
Rather than being a easier riding board for the slalom sailor in high wind the soft rails do allow for serious turns in all conditions and on waves.
With a power box fin it will handle wave to freeride to weed style fins.
This board sits in the middle of the exocet cross and the star Kombat in terms of wave manouvering and serious freestyle potential.

The board is available for demo, just give us a call on 9317 2916.
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