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Mystic Majestic Waist Harness

Created by K Dog > 9 months ago, 18 May 2013
K Dog
VIC, 1847 posts
18 May 2013 4:38PM
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Anyone have one of these?

How do you find it?

Things that appeal are the workmanship looks a lot of better than some of the other brands, the paddling looks decent and the hook fixes quite tight and comfortable, however I have not used one. For those that have, how have you found it?

NSW, 153 posts
19 May 2013 9:02PM
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I have a mystic waist harness, not sure which model, but it doesn't have the over built spreader bar connection, just a hook to affix it the webbing. It has a velcro waist adjuster. I found the connection system of the more expensive mystic harnesses difficult to use, particularly with cold fingers, but that might just be me. They are very comfortable, but a little heavy compared to my other harness (hotsails). I have used it in the surf with no problems, but it has started to wear a little. I now use it for flatwater exclusively and it is great.


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"Mystic Majestic Waist Harness" started by K Dog