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Naish 100 L Koncept / Global wave

Created by Nerdburger > 9 months ago, 12 Mar 2011
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12 Mar 2011 9:23PM
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Looking to up date my FSW 106 L (Tabou 3S) for some thing more wave orientated and smaller as i have slimed down now to 85-87 kg and plan on staying that way for east coast conditions 12 to 20/25 knots with 5.3 & 5.7 but still fast and good to jump.
When it gets winder or good waves Ill ride my SSD thruster about 90 Liter, 59 wide. My choices are either JP 102 FSW/ 95 freewave or the Nasih Koncept 100L @ 240X62.
Have been trying to search for reviews but havn't been able to find much.
Is this the same board as the global just differnt paint job for 2011? I would appreciate any reviews or information if you have this board ? Or any other board i should consider as 100 L fast rocker FSW for light wind waves and jumping mainly onshore NE & SE. Cheers.


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"Naish 100 L Koncept / Global wave" started by Nerdburger