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Created by PKenny > 9 months ago, 1 Jun 2016
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1 Jun 2016 6:06PM
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Waiting for the bottom clear coat. With a bit of paint and a few bits screwed it should be good

The Minister for War and Finance gave me the nod for a new board for my Birthday.
So off I went to Pete with an idea about a board shape. Nothing new but following the wider thinner board trend. I thought it was a simple idea.
It had to be able to handle all sorts of conditions and sail sizes. And be able to be sailed in waves and be pretty quick in a straight line.Hence the "FRW" Freeride Wave. Using sails from 5.0 to 7.0. What more could someone ask for in a board. I weigh about 93kg. And be nice and strong so that even someone with my destructive skills can't cause to much damage.
After a cup of coffee and hour or so on his computer we came up this shape.

Instead of cutouts we ran with a flyer to reduce the area in the tail.

Double concaves fwd and friendly rails to help handle chop comfortably.

A pretty slick rocker line for straight line speed with a bit of tail lift for a bit of wave sailing.

A power box fin for free ride/weed fins and US boxes for the thruster fins.

Hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday I will be able to show some finished shots and a quick run down of it's sailing attributes. Then I will find someone that knows what they are talking about to give a review.

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1 Jun 2016 10:14PM
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Wide, and very round outline. Comparatively slender tail. Looks wave oriented over freeride. Am I right?

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28 Jun 2016 6:54PM
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The finished product.

There was a bit of delay. A few days turned into a few weeks with work getting in the way. Hopefully some wind next Thursday to test it out.

Dealing with Rossy was all to easy from designing, build materials, graphics ( I got on the Shark's bandwagon with the graphics) and the finish. I was lucky that I could go around to his shed and watch what was going on at different stages.

So I should have a great quality board that will stand up to a fair bit of punishment from a sailor with greater ambitions than capabilities can throw at it.

And the Minister for War and Finance is happy with the nice shiny blue and silver thing about to make its home in the shed.

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29 Jun 2016 7:30PM
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Graphics look great. Simple but stylish.

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7 Aug 2016 7:53PM
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A quick update on the Outlaw. Loving the board.

There hasn't been much friendly wind around since the board has been finished. Either 5-12kts or 35kts although there was about 20kts the other day out in some waves at Avoid Bay. Same day as Rossy took the footage on his 112 Hot Rod.
A bit to much going on for my wave riding/survival skills. I did manage to catch a medium sized wave and the board felt pretty good on the wave and was quite easy to find my way out the back in the shadow of the cliffs after leaving the ramp and really nice in the cleaner wind down the bay a bit. Ridden as a Thruster with 21cm Centre and a couple of 11's on the side.
Apart from that there has been a few light wind sails. At 13kts or a whisker more I can get on the plane with a 7m NCX. Which is really good and then can glug around comfortably when the wind drops.
Today I tried it with an 8.6 Turbo when the wind dropped to see if it could handle the weight with a 95kg rider as well. Handled it with ease. And it got planing a couple of times in not much wind. Even pulling off a very low wind gybe easily.

This board gets on the plane easily with wind and seems to float like a board 15-20lts above its volume. Now just waiting for some good wind to get some feedback from it.

jimbob SA
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8 Aug 2016 2:19PM
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Really like the inboard strap options, wish more boards come with this.
Sounds like my sort of board but a another 10 litres for me.

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3 Jan 2017 11:29AM
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