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Overdrive M2 first outing

Created by Ben1973 Monday, 15 Apr 2019
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Monday , 15 Apr 2019 6:44AM
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After a year on the Overdrive M1 got out for the first time on the Overdrive M2 today and love it!
Compairing 8.6's the M2 seems to rig easier as far as getting the mast up it and down hauling but the bottom 2cams take a bit more effort to pop on. Sailing it feels very different, more solid and much lighter. Now I know the weighs the same as I weighed them so it's got be be down to the shorter boom. The leech looks just as loose but doesn't flap around as much as the M1. Harness lines ended up in the same place but it seems much more stable, had some monster gust hit today which would of had me fighting the M1 but the M2 just seemed to cope. Mast foot ended a cm further forward not sure why but the nose wouldn't stay down otherwise and I have a feeling it wants a bigger fin but I'm going to have to experiment a bit there.

wind was around 13knots must the time, with gust around 26knots which kept you on your toes, water was unusually flat which slight chop

Now tomorrow I'm gonna give the enigma boom its first outing and see what that does compaired to my alloy race boom, excited.

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Tuesday , 16 Apr 2019 8:22AM
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Used my Overdrive M2 7.0 yesterday in about 20 knots and didn't feel overpowered at all. Normally I would have been sailing a 6.2 in those winds but wanted to give the 7.0 a raz. Very stable & very light to handle, just what a girl needs


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