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Question to Ben Severne re S1 Pro

Created by chuckmaui > 9 months ago, 31 Jul 2014
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31 Jul 2014 9:22AM
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Hi Ben,
Loving the 13 and 14 S1s,
With the new material and sails online now can you elaborate on the design changes you have made in the S1 sail?

Seems the new material goes all the way to the luff sleeve, and eliminates the Dacron sleeve panel, which had a nice power-de-power pocket effect on the 13 and 14 sails.
Does the new material and design alter this on-off front hand feel of the previous handling or change the forward high lift point of the sail? I liked the way the sails had limited back hand pull, does the draft move backward with the new design?
I found that the prior sails had an almost self correcting sheeting angle, and a feeling of more power when it was actually sheeted out slightly?? Not sure how you achieved this but liked the sensation.

I'm wondering if the new material is incorporated into the E5 or the EM3 that was used previously??? Or a completely new E??

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2 Aug 2014 11:20AM
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Hi Chuck,

Ben might not be following the forum at the moment. I know he was overseas at the Pozo comp recently and this is a hectic time getting international teamriders sorted.

Most info is on the website any further questions let us know.:


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"Question to Ben Severne re S1 Pro" started by chuckmaui