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RRD compact ?

Created by summset 1 month ago, 11 Apr 2019
WA, 12 posts
11 Apr 2019 12:30PM
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Has anybody had any experience with the above set up? Looks like a great concept if it works.

WA, 952 posts
11 Apr 2019 2:10PM
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Wow, that is a great idea.

Be interested to see how the 5 piece mast holds up.

NSW, 1822 posts
11 Apr 2019 6:45PM
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Just need the folding board to complement the rig. :)

2943 posts
11 Apr 2019 5:17PM
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Waiting4wind said..
Just need the folding board to complement the rig. :)

It's possible now ,I had a 9" SUP made by sunova .it has two carbon rod inserts with 4 stainless bolts .they call it a travel board ... They are just starting to make windsurfing boards does add weight to the board ..

412 posts
12 Apr 2019 1:37AM
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Remember the 5 piece NP mast? Masterpiece engineering but 5 piece meant FIVE ferrules to keep together and sand free.

QLD, 12061 posts
12 Apr 2019 7:44AM
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fantastic idea. its a shame some brands can only rig 2 sails per mast.

ive not used the rrd rig but i notice in the video the leach of the sail flaps. is that a design issue?


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"RRD compact ?" started by summset