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Severne Convert convert

Created by snorkel692 Two weeks ago, 1 Oct 2019
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1 Oct 2019 5:46PM
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Just unboxed and had my first sail on a Severne Convert 8.5 and felt obliged to write about it! Summary: powered like an 8.5 handled like a 5.8.

I got the 8.5 to have an easy-to-rig no-cam but biggish sail to use on light days off Magnetic Island where it gets pretty lumpy. The Convert was in Board Crazy's closeout bin so it seemed like a good option and was very well priced for a new sail. Took it out today on Rowes Bay in 12-14-ish knots ( with some really big, light wind holes) on a 140l was a revelation. Cant believe it worked so well.

First impressions are that it is very light and the build is definitely price conscious but high quality. What I really liked is the Dacron panel behind the luff tube running up most of the length of the sail which gives it heaps of inflation.

Rigging was super easy. Having no clever thoughts I just set it up to specs which seemed to work fine. I used an apex mast and carbon boom which I am sure make the most of the performance. The sail pumps incredibly well which made it really easy to access power and it is super springy, I suspect due to the Dacron panels. It powered up really nicely and handles with incredibly light batten rotation and kinda-wavesail like ease. It handled lulls really well, and I was expecting lots of centre of effort movement in gusts which didn't happen. In gusts sheeting in made the most of available power and also maintained control nicely. Just really fun, moderately fast cruising and easy handling. I'm still grinning, which is a key element of a sail in my book!

Compared with my other no-cams ( I have a few, and like most of 'em) the power/springiness/handling combination is pretty spectacular, all the more impressive that this is a "budget" sail. Downsides? I'm pretty sure I would have had faster peak speed with a cammed freerace sail or similar, and I suspect ( hope I'm wrong) that the sails life may be limited by having Dacron components ( I say that only based on being old enough to have had all-Dacron sails which didn't have awesome longevity!).

I have managed to control my urge to buy a full quiver of them.....

Anyway, this is a sail I just happened to acquire on the basis of price and am super stoked with the performance!


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