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Severne NCX - Excellent Reviews

Created by Auswind > 9 months ago, 16 Feb 2006
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16 Feb 2006 10:38AM
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Here is some of the praise that the Severne NCX (Severne's best selling no cam freeride sail) has gathered!

See the reviews in full here:

here are some highlights:


“One of the lightest and most balanced sails in the test; it is exceedingly efficient and slippery through the air, its low forward centre of effort providing more acceleration in every gust” - WINDSURF MAGAZINE UK

"one of our favourites"

Superb wind range, versatility of performance” WINDSURFING MAGAZINE UK

“Providing exceptional performance and handling across an impressive wind range, the NCX will find favour with all rider styles and abilities. It comes highly recommended.” – WINDSURFING MAGAZINE UK

“The undemanding, freeride biased performance proved a hit with everybody. The NCX range seems fundamentally designed for sailing straight lines with maximum comfort in the widest possible wind range. They achieve this admirably with the bonus of very smooth, easy gybing - yet they're versatile enough to give reasonable light wind and limited freestyle application too. Recommended.” – WINDSURFING MAGAZINE, UK

“Severne has included smart lifespan features, such as a moulded mast pad with nicely finished construction. You get good bang for the buck.” - WINDSPORT MAGAZINE

“The centre of effort and reactive luff panelling offer nimble response to subtle wind changes, adding excitement to marginal days.” – WINDSPORT MAGAZINE


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