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Slalom quiver extra board to use with 7,0-6,3

Created by Samkyo 24 days ago, 13 Jun 2020
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13 Jun 2020 2:02AM
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I looking for some advice for my slalom quiver, I am really happy with the sails but I fill like a gap between the Exocet S4 and the Falcon 85.
Here is the board+sails and wind range of my quiver adding the futur new board, each time I try to overlap:
Falcon 148L and 85cm width S-type +foil 8kts to 12-15kts
S4 122L 73cm width : S-type 7,8 + racing blade 7,0 start from 10-12kts to 18kts
New board : racing blade 7,0 and 6,3 start from 15-18kts to 25kts
Falcon 85L 58cm width : racing blade 6,3 and speed blade 5,9 and 5,4 20-25kts be define with speed and scare meter ??

I am 1,82 for 73-74kg mainly sailing in a mix of sea and inland sea area.
What would you recommend as the new board?

Thank you for your help

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13 Jun 2020 3:48PM
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A light weight slalom quiver is usually 81/66/58 wide. So a 66 wide slalom board? I own a tabou 106/66 and the perfect sail size for this board is a 7.0 (but I'm 85 kg). 7.8 also works. With the 6.4 I prefer a smaller board. So if your main focus is the 7.0 a 66 wide will work. If both sails have to work a 100 liter 61-64 wide is probably better.

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14 Jun 2020 2:41AM
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Same weight, the Tabou 100 at 65cm and Excocet 95 at 62cm are my most used boards.

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14 Jun 2020 4:41PM
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thank you for all the information.
Base on this I have been looking at board available not to pricey and found:
tabou manta 66 2017 66cm width
falcon 99 2017 at 62cm and measured in a magazine test at 63cm sound strange
falcon 98 2018 at 63cm width
exocet rs3 2018 64cm width

now I need to define as the 81cm that you recommend for light wind is in my quiver split on a 85cm and 73cm and give me kind of bigger range if:
- option 1 the manta will not overlap to much the S4 range and if the transition with the falcon 85 will be smooth enough

- option 2 the 100l option around 63cm will start soon enough for the S4 transition to avoid the actual probl?me with the falcon 85.

this is not so easy to define as I look what is possible in term of rig switch as I can rig in same time
the 7,8 and 7,0 perfect for falcon 148/S4 and the new board
6,3 and 5,9 perfect on strong wing day with the falcon 85
7,0 and 6,3 are using the same mast this is why I try to play with board that can use the same rig on the overlap to extend the sail range.

could be a good option to look at a second 430 mast and as the loft can be on SDM and RDM To pick this time an RDM for a softer handling of the 6,3 as I got on the 5,9

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14 Jun 2020 6:56PM
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Would't buy anything in between. For your weight the Falcon 85 is spot on with sailsizes 6.3 and 7.0
The 7.0 however is on the small side for your S4. A 73 wide has a sweetspot around 8.0 +/- .6 m2

I would try different fins. This can make a board feel quite different.
If you're still instisting on buying a different board I would sell the S4 and get something around 65 to 68 wide. Those boards have 7.0 and 7.8 sweetspots.

Regarding masts for Racing Blades. Where I sail there are a lot of guys using RB's. Only the 95+ kg guys use SDM masts in the 7.0. All the lighter guys use RDM in 6.3 and 7.0.

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15 Jun 2020 12:29AM
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Hello The Tank,

Before to get the racing blade 7.0, I was using a S-Type 6,6 and didn't like it on Falcon, this is why I add first a 6,3 racing blade that work perfectly on the falcon 85 and after change the 6,6 for the 7,0 to use with the S4 and being a better combo.
7,8 and 7,0 work really well on the S4 with a Select Vmax 4 43cm define with Select as the original fin from exocet was not good.
Base on my previous experience with bigger sail than 6.3 with the Falcon 85 I didn't give a try with the 7.0.
For the falcon 85 with the racing blade 6,3 I use depend on sea condition Hot rod 33cm ,Maui ultra race G10 30cm.
For the speed blade 5,9 and 5,4 sails the Select Gaspar crossfire 25cm.

Perhaps I should give another try to the Falcon 85 and 7,0 this could help me having better view on next step.


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