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Starboard Acid - Excellent reviews!

Created by Auswind > 9 months ago, 16 Feb 2006
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16 Feb 2006 12:35PM
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Its Hard to believe just how many sensational reviews the Starboard range has recieved over the years ! In comparison tests the Starboards always seem to be near or at the top of the test.

The 2006 Starboard Acid 073 recently recieved an excellent review:

some highlights:

"Compared to the JP Radical Wave 74, the Acid is easier, more smooth and playful, adapted to a wider range of people"

" It's smoother than the Fanatics, Goyas, RRD Hardcores and other JP Radical Waves, which means that you are more confident when attacking full-on bottoms "(snigger - european translation - assuming they mean bottom turns)

"Both radical and easy, the Acid is the pure-wave board that pleases the most number of riders. It is in good sideshore waves, over 1 metre high, that the board will deliver its best to the rider, with a surf that is smooth, radical and fast"

- Planchemag Nov 05

2006 Acid 080 test review

"the Acid will provide the range and performance to satisfy the most demanding wave rider"

"the 80 releases with purpose and accelerates to an impressive speed"

If you are chasing a deal on an older wave board the 04/ 05 Acid 074, 70s are still a good bet! (you can get these brand new at a good price these days. Here is a rave review:

"Easy, comfortable, practical and rewarding, the Acid 74 is capable of delivering the highest levels of performance in a very user-friendly package. A classic rail-to-rail feel for the traditional styles of wave riding, it was universally liked and comes highly recommended"

"a fine example of a classic rail-to-rail wave board, offering one of the easiest, most comfortable and yet more potent performances on test"

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3 Mar 2006 12:08AM
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I tried demo Pure Acid 78 in Elwood on the last day of World Cup Formula races - 25-35 knots:
Pros: feels very light and easy to control when up and running.
- very thick rail, it was very hard to get out through Elwood swell, every wave was pushing me back big time.
- pointing could be much better, especially when you have to get out though the swell. May be fin on the demo board was not big enough...
After this demo experience jumped on my old Mistral and was out in seconds!


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