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Starboard Carve - Excellent reviews!

Created by Auswind > 9 months ago, 16 Feb 2006
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16 Feb 2006 11:20AM
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Much of the Severne Freeride sail testing (NCX , Overdrive etc) is done right here in WA using the Starboard Carve as an excellent testing benchmark .

So we sail these boards quite alot

- the Carves have a really loose , fast ride and Jibe INCREDIBLY well - we find ourselves able to bank a Carve 133 hard and fast into a Jibe and exit with max speed. Excellent impressions considering these are demanding sailors who are used to riding the fastest slalom boards on the market. As freeride boards these are incredibly hard to beat!

Don't just take our word for it though - read the reviews in full!

or look at the hi lights below.

Praise For The Starboard Carve Range

some of the industries most successful freeride designs

“the 101 was certainly no slouch in the early planing department, accelerating smoothly to a formidable top speed.”

it provides excellent positive feedback to the rider, who is entrusted with the sensation of being the pilot rather than the passenger at all times.”

“exceptionally versatile in the path it could take, from a steady progressive arc to a sharp aggressive corner. It turns in with complete confidence, inspiring the rider to push harder and tighten up the transition”

the Carve 101 is a stunning freeride hull with an ease and efficiency to its ride that will endear it to the speed enthusiast and recreational cruiser alike.”

“A secure and predictable platform, it has acres of performance to grow into.”

“all about control, feeling supremely composed and comfortable underfoot, whatever the conditions. One of the easiest boards on test to use, it is also incredibly practical in the gybe, forgiving of bad technique whilst thriving under forceful pressure. It comes highly recommended

something of a legendary outfit over the years, producing some fantastically versatile freeride hulls.” –WINDSURF MAGAZINE UK

“requiring very little technical input to unlock its stunning all-round level of performance. It comes very highly recommended.” – WINDSURF MAGAZINE UK


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