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Created by Auswind > 9 months ago, 14 Mar 2006
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14 Mar 2006 9:35AM
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Here at Auswind one of our major tasks is to promote the Starboard brand. We believe Starboard is a super progressive board design company that has moved the sport forward over the last 8 years.

Starboard are also responsible, in part, for forcing the entire windsurfing industry to put better product into the hands of us windsurfers.

For those of you that are interested here is a collection of the excellent comments the board range has gathered over the past 2 seasons.

F type

Better than the Fleet at: Turning wind whiners into wind winners

EVO 80

A highly effective riding board that is exceptionally easy to use. Massive sail and power range, working well with more powerful sails, to make the most of its light wind potential. Extremely practical for intermediate to expert

Huge wave riding capability; makes so much fun out of poor conditions

-Windsurf Magazine UK

Evo 83

The 83 amazed us with its ease and practicality, not to mention its dynamite performance on the wave face. As a one-only wave board with a massive wind range, it will enable riders of any ability to make the most of a wave environment.

A stunningly versatile wave board that we just can't fault

As a one-only wave-riding machine for carrying sails up to 5.8m and making the most of any wave environment, they don't come much better than this stunning board.

Windsurf Magazine UK

Evo 74

As a one-only board, it is in a league of its own. Highly recommended.


Unmatched around corners with a very easy and extremely practical nature. More fin drive this year, it will appeal to even more than it did last year. Highly recommended.
Phenomenal wave riding ability, especially in confused or less than ideal conditions – Windsurf Magazine UK

: A great shape and a leader of the new wave boards

no other board can be carved with more control and in smaller turns in choppy water than the EVO

- German Surf Magazine


“Starboard have never been afraid to push the boundaries and the S Type is yet another excitingly unconventional board”

“fun to ride, giving a sensation of effortlessness with its speed”

“Our trials showed it to be faster than any other recreational board and as fast as the competition slalom board; possibly even faster”

“It gybes well, keeping a fast arc if banked”

“Should answer the prayers of many recreational speed hounds, offering them a clear performance advantage with unusual smoothness and comfort .A really comfortable, fast and uplifting ride”

S-Type 104

“The planing is breathtaking and too easy”

“A do-it-all that is very fast and very manoeuvrable”

“Plus - Acceleration, max speed, manoeuvrability, responsiveness, quality, comfort and standard of equipment”

-Wind Magazine France
S-Type 115

fun to ride, giving a sensation of effortlessness with its speed”

“Our trials showed it to be faster than any other recreational board and as fast as the competition slalom board; possibly even faster”

“It gybes well, keeping a fast arc if banked”

“Should answer the prayers of many recreational speed hounds, offering them a clear performance advantage with unusual smoothness and comfort .A really comfortable, fast and uplifting ride”

S-Type 104


Fast, precise and yet very practical, it is one of the finest examples of traditional wave-board shapes, gaining a positive reaction from everyone who rode it.

A very effective traditional wave-board that has a blend of speed and ability, coupled with control and practicality. As comfortable for high wind bump-and-jump sailing as it is in the biggest sets. Highly recommended.

It is a reaal wave riders dream – windsurf magazine UK

the Acid is the pure-wave board that pleases the most number of riders


the Acid will provide the range and performance to satisfy the most demanding wave rider

the Acid will provide every bit of accessible performance for you to attack at will.

-Windsurf Mag UK


the iSonic 115 we tested has precisely answered any doubts, by showing some performances of the very highest order.

Untouchable upwind or on the reach

-Wind magazine France

All in all, the Isonic is a blisteringly quick and very controllable board, making its very high top speeds easy and fun to reach.

It is incredibly stable and the board just flies!
– Boards Magazine UK


It gets going very quickly on to the plane, with the ability to take big sails (bigger than 8.5 no problem), revealing performance levels we would never have suspected - even against its more sporty models!

We jump so nicely on the slightest chop (excellent pop and impulse) and the jibes are just so sharp with such an immediate spring out of the turn

- Wind magazine France

Praise For The Starboard Carve Range

“some of the industries most successful freeride designs”

“The 101 was certainly no slouch in the early planing department, accelerating smoothly to a formidable top speed.”

“it provides excellent positive feedback to the rider, who is entrusted with the sensation of being the pilot rather than the passenger at all times.”

“exceptionally versatile in the path it could take, from a steady progressive arc to a sharp aggressive corner. It turns in with complete confidence, inspiring the rider to push harder and tighten up the transition”

“the Carve 101 is a stunning freeride hull with an ease and efficiency to its ride that will endear it to the speed enthusiast and recreational cruiser alike.”

“A secure and predictable platform, it has acres of performance to grow into.”


“all about control, feeling supremely composed and comfortable underfoot, whatever the conditions. One of the easiest boards on test to use, it is also incredibly practical in the gybe, forgiving of bad technique whilst thriving under forceful pressure. It comes highly recommended”

“something of a legendary outfit over the years, producing some fantastically versatile freeride hulls.” –WINDSURF MAGAZINE UK

“requiring very little technical input to unlock its stunning all-round level of performance. It comes very highly recommended.”


“The planing is breathtaking and too easy”


Majestic board to do it all, it's not only proud to have such an immense range of use, but also it especially delivers incredible performance either in terms of manoeuvrability in the waves or in acceleration-speed-jibing on flat water… This Kombat 95 is a killer

the carving is easy, precise and incisive! Smooth and fun, we cannot fault it
-Wind Magazine France

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14 Mar 2006 9:31PM
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I'm currently in the middle of two boards. Evo 70 or Acid 73? I live and windsurf in Perth and do the odd out of town trips to get away from the hussle and bussle. I have read the Starboard reviews on these boards and the Evo seems to be more suited for me in Perth conditions.

Evo Compared to the Pure Acids, the Evo boards are more ‘evolutionary’: they offer a wider range of performance by making the most of all conditions. They have a more flowing, snowboarding riding style. More adaptive and able to automatically carry speed on a wave and through tight turns, aerials become explosive and the overall waveriding sensation steps up to a higher level.
The Acids would be more suitable for those looking for a classic rail biting, hard-edged style of fast waveriding.

Acid Compared to the Evo range, the Pure Acids deliver more hard-edged carving combined with more classic rail–to-rail waveriding performance. While they suit a narrower range of conditions for optimum performance, the Acids remain the ultimate for pure sideshore wave riding.
The Evos would be more suitable is you were looking for a board to wave-ride a variety of waves in a variety of conditions. The Evos also have a different style: more flowing, more fluid and keen on big, tweaked aerials.

E70 70litres 229cm 55cm 36.1cm 6.2kg 2.5-5.0m
A73 73litres 239cm 55cm 34.9cm 6.2kg 2.5-5.0m

What I want to know is would the Acid be a total waist of time and does it work in our onshore slop? Should I believe everything I read? I'd like to hear other opinions from people in the real world

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15 Mar 2006 10:41AM
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I reckon the Evos offer a more skatey feel while the Acid (at least traditionally) give a more carving feel on the wave. Skatey is good in onshore slop where the Evos probably get going a bit better (ie less reliant on wave power) than the Acid. However, as soon as waves get a decent face and start generating a bit of power I much prefer my Acid because it feels much more positive. Once the rails are engaged it just tracks up the face beautifully. So I tend to use the Evo round town, but jump on the Acid whenever it gets any good. If I could only have one board I'd go Acid, because I wouldn't want to compromise on quality-but that's only my opinion.

Bear in mind I'm comparing Acid 2003 with Evo 2004, so things may have changed a bit too. Certainly the newer Acids look quite different to the 2003 vintage.

Cheers, Jens


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