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Starboard S type - excellent reviews

Created by Auswind > 9 months ago, 16 Feb 2006
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16 Feb 2006 11:43AM
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For those of you chasing a Freeride board that slants towards slalom speed the Stype is your pick. In many tests these actually outsailed other brands dedicated slalom boards while maintaining easy carving jibe characteristics. Deals can be got on 05 Stypes which are still available!

A personal Favourite of mine is the 104 which easily takes up to 7.5 m sails.

Again we will let the reviews do the talking for us: (see below for highlights) - the Stype was the clear winner in this comparitive test

Praise For The Starboard S-type

“Starboard have never been afraid to push the boundaries and the S Type is yet another excitingly unconventional board”

“fun to ride, giving a sensation of effortlessness with its speed

Our trials showed it to be faster than any other recreational board and as fast as the competition slalom board; possibly even faster

“It gybes well, keeping a fast arc if banked”

Should answer the prayers of many recreational speed hounds, offering them a clear performance advantage with unusual smoothness and comfort .A really comfortable, fast and uplifting ride”

S-Type 104

“The planing is breathtaking and too easy

“A do-it-all that is very fast and very manoeuvrable”

“Plus - Acceleration, max speed, responsiveness, quality, comfort and standard of equipment”

-Wind Magazine France
S-Type 115

As an aside Tiesda (the shaper) loves BMW design and you will find many references to this in the curves of the Stype - especially the ridge on the tail!


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