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Tabou 3s 96L

Created by Jman > 9 months ago, 9 Mar 2011
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9 Mar 2011 3:16PM
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Just a quick review of the Tabou 3s 96 Ltr. 2011
I will 1st start with the reason I purchased the 3s, I was looking for a board that would sit between my 100L slalom board and 83L wave board.
The board needed to work well in the confused chop we have on Port Phillip Bay and also needed to be loose enough for small wave riding at ocean beaches.
So a Freestyle wave type of board was the obvious choice.

I have the 3s's front foot straps set in the inboard position and rear screw holes, I am just using the single back strap set on the forward holes.
I have been using the stock 28cm fin which I would describe as a freeride fin on sail sizes between 5.0-5.8 wave sails and so far have been happy with the manoeuvrability and pointing ability. I have had 6.2 Hellcat on the 3s with the 28 cm stock fin but changed to a 31cm slightly more vertical fin which gave me better pointing ability. I also thought that the straps moved to the outboard position would be a better position with the bigger sail and fin.

I have found the board pops onto the plane easily with a bit of a pump or 2 if the conditions are a bit marginal. One thing I would mention is that the 96 L 3s feels a bit smaller than the stated volume and someone else with the 96 thought the same.
The thick heel cushions are awesome! The board just loves a ramp and is super easy to jump and land, I'm not much of a jumper but have landed it tail 1st and nose 1st with out to many bad outcomes.
In the bay I have found the 3s to handle the chop without any drama's giving a very smooth ride and a feeling of total control over the board.
As far as gybing goes you can do what you like the board is a gybe junky!
Weather flattish water or out the back on some swell the board is the easiest board I have gybed.
Not as quick as a dedicated freeride board but that's no surprise.

I have used the 3s so far in a wide range of conditions and have been more than happy with the way the board has handled them.

If you are looking for an all rounder which is leaning more towards bump & jump/wave then have a look at the 3s. They are well-finished and excellent value for money coming in cheaper than some of the other brands

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9 Mar 2011 1:46PM
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Put a 16cm fin on it and you can also freestyle!

My mates got a 106 L and he loves it.

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31 Mar 2011 1:37PM
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Ive recently been trying this board out as well (96ltr/77kg/5.7m2) as a light wind wave board for sub 12knots.
Very happy, when everyone else is slogging Im still up on the plane. Even when its off the plane it still moves through the water quicker than my 82 ltr RRW. Moving quicker means more waves/more fun.

This board has extended my wave time as I ususally would be out of the water at 12 knots. Ive sailed successfully in 10 knots (not always planning, but moving around quick enough to catch the waves). Im at a point now where I need an uphaul rope. I would liken it to surfing on a small malibu.You wont slide the tail out but as an exttra wave riding option its working for me.
Good board...


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