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Tabou Speedster

Created by Sputnik11 > 9 months ago, 5 Nov 2013
VIC, 855 posts
5 Nov 2013 10:47AM
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Anyone have one, or sailed one? Be interested in your thoughts.

QLD, 48 posts
25 Nov 2013 2:27PM
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Hi Sputnik,
I got a new speedster 108 standard 2014 as a replacement for a 105 rocket limited a few months ago.

The reason i went for the speedster was the extra width to carry more sail and increase my speed out of the gybes.
I found the narrow profile of the rocket to be great for control in chop and higher winds but a bit sluggish for my weight (100 kgs)
in anything below @22 kts.

Don,t be fooled by the profile of the new speedster on the website i.e short and fat, it looks nothing like it in real life.
There is no doubt it is a more technical board to sail as far as input from the rider but very quick to get on the plane and just loves a 7.8 powered up.
I had a lot of trouble with the fin to start but i only use weedies, this board requires some patience to master smaller fins.

In the end i settled on a black project 38 which is actually only 31 deep.
Unlike the Rocket any bigger than this = too much lift= spin out/tail walking.

I tried the rocket 115 prior to buying the speedster and found it too be a rock solid performer, fast, easy, forgiving but not terribly exciting.

The speedster will keep you on your toes but personally i found the challenge to be worth it and overall my sailing has improved.

In Summary,
You want a fast and easy no hassle all-rounder that will handle chop, go for the rocket.
If You are racing or your sailing is more slalom orientated with bigger sails and speed is your objective then i believe it is aptly named speedster.
Once mastered it is a very fast board.

WA, 699 posts
29 Nov 2013 5:01PM
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Boards Windsurf mag Spring-Summer 2013 had a freeride vs freerace vs race kit review where they compared the Tabou Rocket, Speedster & Manta, along with matching Simmer sails for each style of board. If you can't find a copy of the mag then email me via Seabreeze and I'll send you a copy of the article.


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