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Unifiber Mast Extension

Created by MattSteele > 9 months ago, 3 Mar 2015
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3 Mar 2015 9:56PM
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8 months ago I purchased a Unifiber Alloy Pro mast extension. I've used it 2-3 times a week and wash it in fresh water after every session. Unifiber have a 12month warranty on their gear.The alloy cleat set up on it or black part of the extension is corroding badly. In my 25 years of windsurfing I never seen a piece of gear corrode so much! Mentos and Coke fizz!
So I e-mailed Unifiber with pics as required on their Warranty form. They replyed saying the black paint and corrosion does not affect the function of the product. Are you kidding me! in 3 months time there will be nothing left of this part. I replyed to them saying-If you bought a new car and there was rust on the door you would be making a claim!
So I started pulling this thing apart as they suggested I can buy a stainless steel cleat and put that on. So I have one comming from WSurf all for $35 AUS. I had to take out the piston release to unbolt the cleat. It was near impossible to get back in. How the hell they get this inside in a hurry on the production line I have no idea.
I e-mailed Unifiber and Wsurf for some advice. I never heard anything from Unifiber. Wsurf were great. The guy in Greese pulled apart his one and took photos of how he put it back together. It was tricky but I got back together thanks to Wsurf!
The extension is a good product , well engineered and a good price. Just make sure you buy the stainless version!Has anyone else had similar problems?


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