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What boards for a beginner

Created by RedOrange > 9 months ago, 4 May 2011
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4 May 2011 9:30PM
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Im looking for a beginners board, have had a couple of lessons thats about it. I weigh around 80kgs, and am looking for a board that i can progress on and keep for the longer term for light wind days.

The board im looking for is around the 150 litre, this should float me easy enough and will also get me uphauling with no hassles.

I've got a couple of options in mind, either a JP Funster or Funride, a Starboard Go or Naish Kailua. Any recommendations on the board i should buy, im thinking of buying new, but 2nd hand is still an option.

Considering i am going to be spending a bit of time on the water once i get a board should i be looking for something in the intermediate level and bypassing a beginners board, i've been looking at a Starboard Futura or Carve, or JP Xcite.

Additionally how important is a centreboard for beginners, will i be able to get upwind without one, and with less than great technique in the initial stages?

QLD, 543 posts
5 May 2011 2:33PM
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I'd vote for a JP Xcite around 130 litres. This will enable you to uphaul to start with then progress into the future. I think you will tire of the Funster early. The Xcite model you should be able to pick up 2nd hand at a reasonable price. I have a 2010/110 litre model that I love and have been w/surfing for a long time. I am 60 years and weigh 70 kgs.
Cheers and welcome to sailboarding

VIC, 787 posts
5 May 2011 4:56PM
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I would suggest a Starboard GO 155. There are plenty around and when you do want to go to a smaller board, you will keep this board for real light wind days to just muck around.

WA, 66 posts
6 May 2011 12:25PM
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Get a couple more lessons then get a Starboard Kode 123 Tuffskin. Demo'd one a while ago and loved it.

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10 May 2011 7:54PM
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Thanks decided to go for a starboard go 155.

NSW, 1184 posts
11 May 2011 9:12AM
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You'll learn fast on a board like that but will soon out grow it and be looking for something smaller. I went 180 , 145 to 120 in about 3 months and the only board I still have is the 120 which is now my light wind board. If your like me and most other people you'll sell each board as you out grow it to finance the next purchase, but if you hold onto the 155 you may find it comes out on a regular basis to begin with but it will soon sit in the shed gathering dust. I've got people to learn on the 120, it was harder but they progressed quickly and were ripping within a few days so it can be done on a smaller board. If you have a club see if they have a board you can borrow until your past that learners stage and ready for an intermediate board, it might save you some coin so you can invest in a few sails which you'll find you need more then a big floaty board sitting in the garage on the off chance you may drag it out again one day soon. This game is addictive and you just find yourself wanting more and more wind and a smaller and smaller board, it's up to you to push the learning curve...good luck with it all.

WA, 1268 posts
11 May 2011 9:16AM
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I think the new JP wide body SUP's make a cracking learner board.
I have the 9'9" with the centre fin (297 long x 81 wide, 157Ltr)
There is also a full soft deck version.
I have now taught 3 people to windsurf on one of these boards.
As a bonus, you get a SUP and an amazing light wind wave board as well.

Try doing that with an x-cite ride or go/start.


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