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Domestic flights with kit

Created by Chinny Oz > 9 months ago, 19 Oct 2017
Chinny Oz
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19 Oct 2017 2:52PM
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I know it was covered some time ago but there must be plenty of you flying around Aus with boards and sails. Advice needed please.

It seems when I talk to the airlines they crack it over windsurfers because they think of a sail as an old one piece mast still. I just want to fly to Perth from Adelaide with one board bag (10kg and 2.4m) and one quiver bag (22kg and 2.4m). Also need a regular checked bag of maybe 10 kilos.

What is the best way to approach this?

SA, 4 posts
19 Oct 2017 2:57PM
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Always fly Virgin, no issues, pay for bags before you get to airport. Always refer to it as a surf board as it keeps it simple even if the bags are not in the shape of a surf board. Noone ever questions it.


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"Domestic flights with kit" started by Chinny Oz