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Donate your old sailboarding gear

Created by MattMagarey A week ago, 9 Oct 2017
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9 Oct 2017 2:29PM
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We are trying to encourage kids to give sailboarding a go at the Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club.
We have a few old boards and Australian Sailing are lending us a few BicTechnos for a short period but we after some rigs to put on these boards.
We are looking for any sailboarding gear you might have that you can donate, anything from boards and sails to booms, masts and harnesses etc. The objective is to put together a range of rigs so anyone can come along and give it a go with trained instructors.
If it all goes well we hope to create a new generation of sailboarders in SA.
You can either drop it off at the BSYC sailing club to Brett Yardley or give me a call and I can come and pick it up.
Thanks for you help.
Matt Magarey 0466 111 725

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Monday , 9 Oct 2017 9:41PM
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Great initiative, I reckon we have a bit of gear you can have

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Wednesday , 11 Oct 2017 11:40PM
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Matt, Just to clarify. Are these lessons only available to kids ?. We get interested adults post on this forum from time to time, and at my local, beach goers often ask me about where to learn, and how they can get equipment. This season, I have a complete (modern) rig ready to loan for this situation. However, if you are able to cater for any new comer, I would be more than happy to donate it.

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Thursday , 12 Oct 2017 1:15PM
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G'day Matt, good initiative.

I have some gear sitting around in shed, including a couple small sails.
Sailworks Revolution 3.7 & 4.4 I think. Durable / could be good for learners on windy days.
Are you interested in low volume boards or not?


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5 hours ago , 17 Oct 2017 2:15PM
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awesome - love your work Matt and Bretto
putting the old team back together.
i got heaps of gear and a few kids lying around needing some use.
fair bit of ex proto stuff courtesy of Ben including couple of rigs that a 3 yo could use
early am flat calm at seacliff good option
got that maui race limited edition (ex melanie braund) you can have.
give us a pm or call
i have done a bit of this stuff with Andy Davo on encounter lakes at victor. had a great turn out
but could do with a bit of pro back up- rescue boats/sups etc. only after i though i probably shoulda had the kids wearing life jackets??!!!
there was only 20 of them- i was watching them pretty close???!!
flat out today/this week- later next maybe


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