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Flatis water Eyre Peninsula

Created by TDG1959 4 months ago, 31 Oct 2018
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31 Oct 2018 9:33AM
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Hello all in SA.
I will be travelling across from Perth soon and was wondering if there is any flat water sailing in Eyre Peninsula are, from Ceduna around to Port Augusta.
Thanks in advance Tony

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31 Oct 2018 10:09AM
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Hi Tony.
I visited Lake George on the way home earlier this year so make sure that you go past LG on a windy day. Iconic and Bucket Listed!

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31 Oct 2018 12:50PM
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Lots But very few sailors on the EP now. The one's that are left are mainly wave sailors although PK in Port Lincoln is on the SA Speed Demons GPS Team, he may see this post and advise some spots. (You could also contact Peter Ross at OES Australia )
Depending on your time frame, suggest you go on Google Earth and check out some of the bays as you work your way along the coast.
On the Western side of the Peninsula have a look at Smokey Bay, Streaky Bay, Port Kenny/Venus Bay ( haven't sailed these ) but used to sail Coffin Bay area.( Long Beach / Kellidie Bay/ Little Douglas/ Dutton Bay ). It will depend on the wind direction as to where you can sail.
On the Eastern side you need South Easterly winds. Apart from North Shields in Port Lincoln didn't sail any other spots. Always wanted to try Ski Beach at Tumby Bay and Lipson Cove on a South Easter and the southern end of Franklin Harbour at Cowell but never got round to it.
You can also sail at Whyalla ( mainly kiters now).
Enjoy your adventure.

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2 Nov 2018 6:56AM
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Agree with Jacko - Little Douglas and Long Beach at Coffin Bay best flat water spots while 'front' coming through - and work with seabreeze in summer also. Tumby foreshore is fantastic with seabreeze in summer - rig up on lawn and step out into fresh water rinse off shower - and Second Creek just to south of Tumby can give speed sailing conditions in a strong SWerly at highish tides.

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9 Nov 2018 7:37AM
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As per Jacko and Stans comments,

Check out Bairds Bay, Venus Bay which can be sailed in various wind directions.
Farm Beach, Little Douglas, Shelley Beach(just east of Douglas) and Coffin Bay.

I like Second Creek in a NNW with a low tide.

Some spots do have Razor fish. Booties recommended.

Check out Sammy the Snails GPST Challenge post from a few Marches ago or some of my posts with images attached.

Give me a yell when you are coming through.


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