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Old Mags & Sales Brochures

Created by Bondage > 9 months ago, 11 Apr 2017
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11 Apr 2017 4:37PM
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I have a stack of old mags and sales brochues from later 1980's and early 90's. Any one collect memorabilia and want them before i turf them in recycling?

SA, 1242 posts
11 Apr 2017 7:08PM
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I could use them to pad out the trailer...

SA, 169 posts
13 Apr 2017 12:46PM
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You could try asking the Australian National Surfing Museum in Victoria. They probably focus on board riding but it might be worth asking? Here's their link:

jimbob SA
SA, 911 posts
14 Apr 2017 11:17AM
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Daffy from Victoria has been collecting old speed boards for a museum at sandy point, he might be interested. I'll let him know.

VIC, 4465 posts
15 Apr 2017 11:53PM
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PM sent.


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"Old Mags & Sales Brochures" started by Bondage