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Best Goat lip bashing

Created by Flouro1 5 months ago, 13 Oct 2018
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13 Oct 2018 11:00PM
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ye har
A great session everyone put in a charging performance in a solid 4,7 m wind on up to 1/2 mast goats waves .Jumping was on , not just wave riding but hooow fun was the wave riding perfect size no back wash

gear and body still took a pounding though last count
2 sails 1 boom broken and a human foot tweaked

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14 Oct 2018 12:08AM
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And maybe tomorrow

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15 Oct 2018 2:21PM
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Woohoo great couple of sessions at Goats over the weekend Feeling it now. Jumped out early on Sunday to watch the local crew rip it up!!! plenty of late hits going down, and people and gear. Fingers crossed for a reliable season so our northern counterparts can make it down for some cross off sessions.


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"Best Goat lip bashing" started by Flouro1