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New spot record for Rosevears

Created by Rustbucket68 6 months ago, 1 Jan 2019
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1 Jan 2019 5:33PM
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After many years of trying to get over 35knts at Rosevears it finally all came together today. Usually as soon as you get to the mud bank and the flat water the wind is not there. Today it filled in nicely and all came together. It has always had the potential but never delivered. Great to get it on the spot on the record list. Rosevears is a unique place and is fed by seabreezes over summer from 15-25knts on a hot day, even when the coast has less than 10knts of wind.
Dave could you please check and confirm...Cheers Paul

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1 Jan 2019 7:07PM
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Well done Paul , long time coming ... epic effort ... sweeeeeet

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2 Jan 2019 4:33AM
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Well done Paul, great effort!

I'll update the "Spot Record" thread soon. If anyone else has any to sessions to add to it (top three speeds over 35 knots for anywhere in TAS), let us know!


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"New spot record for Rosevears" started by Rustbucket68