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Season starter

Created by Gillianv A week ago, 8 Oct 2019
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8 Oct 2019 11:17AM
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The season starter is scheduled for this Saturday. It's not a high wind sailing day but we will take out our LT one designs for the afternoon.
If you would like to try one out come along to the southern end of lagoon in the afternoon. The Pizza oven will be fired up for 6pm pizzas. BYO toppings I'll make bases. I'll also make some gluten free bases.
Post here or message me if you are thinking of coming so I can estimate numbers. Gill

Al Planet
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Sunday , 13 Oct 2019 11:50AM
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Well my hangover tells me that the appropriate sacrifices were made to appease the wind gods so the rest of the season should be a solid 20 to 30 knots. Saturday afternoon saw three wallys on the water in the 8 to 20 knot conditions and also some planing conditions for the 7.5 on a ultra wide board. With lots of sunshine and a few fresh salmon from the river we cooked about 20 pizzas to compliment the beverages.
We will try to have some further sessions up at the dam as the days get longer for those who are interested in trying the windsurfer LT .


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