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Created by MattBazz Two weeks ago, 3 Nov 2019
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3 Nov 2019 1:47PM
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G'day All,

I'm planning a weekend caravanning/windsurfing in Stanley in a few weeks. Probably just take slalom gear, but will most likely sneak in my wave gear for Marrawah. The Spot Guide doesn't have any info for Stanley. What is the best tide, wind and rigging locations for East Inlet, West Beach and Mifton? Any other spots?
Searching the forums reveals a few little tit bits here and there, but not much more.

Thanks in advance - I can't believe I've never windsurfed at Stanley - lol


Al Planet
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3 Nov 2019 5:26PM
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East inlet Easterly for speed runs at low tide . Bumps on the bar way on an incoming tide.
West beach good in westerlies but a bit of a walk at low tide. Good photos of this from Stanley freerace Easter last year.
West inlet speed runs on westerlies.
You can also sail east inlet in a South Westerly low tide.
Sail of the caravan Park in an Easterly for some bumps.

Also Port Latta worth a look for Easterly wavesailing.

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3 Nov 2019 10:36PM
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Thanks Al

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4 Nov 2019 9:46AM
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Ditto what Al said.

Loads of options.

Some way long runs (3km or so) on the ocean on both East and West side in correct conditions.

Some fun onshore wavesailing in an easterly in front of caravan park.

Looks like you have kids too??? Good for learning, SUPing and exploring around east inlet too if there is light wind.


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5 Nov 2019 9:21PM
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Thanks Clarence

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5 Nov 2019 10:27PM
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Was there 2 weekends ago... easterly and sw. Epic.

East inlet: low tide... plus/minus 3 hour either side. In easterly you can sail straight in front of rigging area at Gullivers Rest, in the first channel. As tide drops you can hit the second and then third channel (latter is only option when dead low). The third channel presently has some curves so you can pick the (short) section with best direction. It also splits in two heading south so pick whichever offers best angle. The western option deadends early and is straighter while the eastern split goes further and curves... but gets shallow where it gets wider (check google earth... current image is mid tide). There is one obvious driftwood in the east split that will be near the east side and probably well exposed but just as the east split goes shallow there is the remnants of a small bit of driftwood that could catch you on dead low.... pay attention to localised colour changes.

Southwest, west and maybe nw wind you can also hit the third channel. Pretty special with a 3.7 and the sandbars resembleming snow from all the sand flying!

The gutter connecting the three channels is sailable if enough water for your fin.... otherwise just walk it. If current is favourable in the gutter but the wind is not, just stand on your board with sail neutral and drift it.

Picking your sail size in a westerly... drive over to west inlet track and gauge it there.

I also sailed west inlet in wnw... was good but probably needs ssw or south to realise full potential. At end of west inlet track turn right and drive to first rock groyne. Sailed there with the locals (cookie and barry) who usually drive round to the other side and enter the water that way but was pretty feasible from west inlet track.

Timing: low tides offer the magic. All other things being equal, consider a trip with two lows during daylight... e.g. 6 am and 6 pm... you can get two bites.... versus 2 am
and 2 pm.

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9 Nov 2019 8:34PM
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Thanks for the detailed notes.


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