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Suport your local shop--

Created by geared4knots 1 month ago, 6 Apr 2020
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6 Apr 2020 6:37PM
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I know i am not meant to advertise but i think i will slightly..
I have just had my January order stock turn up- another $7000 worth of gear that i know i will not sell in a hurry. This includes SUP and Windsurf bits and pieces
My sheds are still stuffed full of gear that will probably not move for ... well who knows.

Just asking if you guys want something.. at least ask if i have it-- or can get it in for you ( tell me the super special price you have spotted and i will try and match if i can.. ).
take it easy, cheers

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7 Apr 2020 6:55AM
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Don't worry Damo. I'll buy a footstrap or some wax off you to keep you going??

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17 May 2020 9:16AM
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Hey Damo,

would you have any 5/3mm in stock? I float between med/large sizing. Shoot me a PM if you do. Cheers

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19 May 2020 7:33PM
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Hey Izaak
we do a airfreight from Europe with Ion every 3 weeks . Choose any model you want and i will get you a price
Let me know.

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19 May 2020 8:23PM
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How much are the open palm mitts?

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20 May 2020 8:36PM
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morgs for Damo

Steve Charles
TAS, 1152 posts
21 May 2020 6:08PM
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Gotta say for anyone sailing in Tassie in winter or even now those open palm mitts are soooooo goooood. Pretty much an essential item


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