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Tassie Holiday advice

Created by snoopySA A week ago, 14 Jun 2019
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14 Jun 2019 1:58PM
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Hi from the big island. I am hoping to get some advice for a planned holiday to come and check out some of the amazing country you guys and girls get to live in. I follow the Tasmania forum and can see you have quite an active group of windsurfers down there. We are planning a trip across the strait next year. We will be travelling in a 4x4 and caravan setup and would like to do as much free camping as possible. I understand there are a lot of free camps along with National Parks. Would like to do some windsurfing and surfing along the way but trip is not totally focused on these activities. I am 43 and wife 39 and two kids 7 and 5 we are active and would like to do some bushwalking with maybe overnight camps involved. We are thinking of coming over for a couple of months (maybe 3 if i can swing it). Not sure the best time of year but maybe Feb / March would be ok. What are windsurfing conditions like this time of year and is the western side or the eastern side better for windsurfing. From what I have heard west side is more rugged inaccessible and the East side a little more user friendly.

Any advice or tips would be much appreciated to help in the planning. Would love to sail some of the conditions you guys post up here. I only have wave gear and would consider myself average in terms of ability. I probably won't be hitting up Pedra Branca like that mad Mcleod lad did but would have a go at most places.

Thanks in advance Alan Burge

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14 Jun 2019 8:19PM
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Welcome...for when you get here Alan.

Here in the north (Launceston) at that time of year we keep our fingers crossed for sea breezes. If we get a cold night (say 12 degrees), and a clear and sunny day, there is always a chance of a sea breeze, but it will almost never be forecast. As long as the prevailing is around W to NW, it can be on in the afternoon, and the 'three o'clock blow' is well known.

We are renowned around the state for staying in the north, but that is only because we have very constant W to NW wind, and often good strength. We wavesail at Bellbuoy, Greens, East (in order of preference, and all at the mouth of the Tamar) and sometimes at Bakers (national park just east of Port Sorell).

check the Spot Guide for info on these.

I am sure that many posts will follow this one, to the extent that you will know significantly less in three days time than you do tonight.

jump in!

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15 Jun 2019 6:14AM
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The Spot Guide:


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